The mosaic stone installation in the world-famous gambling city of Las Vegas resembles a work of art. This work of art was completed with ROMEX® pavement jointing mortar.

Prestige property in the glamour metropolis of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the famous desert city of Nevada, is known for its unique entertainment offerings. The main street and at the same time the lifeline of the city is the almost 6.5 km long so-called Strip. Along this boulevard are numerous hotels as well as sights with unusual design elements. The area between the famous hotels "New York New York" and "Monte Carlo" was completely renovated and converted into an extraordinary park, which was spectacularly opened in May 2016.

The mosaic pavement grouting is an outstanding and almost unique work of art that is unparalleled in planning and execution. As with previous projects in Las Vegas, the ROMEX® grout ROMPOX® - D2000 was used for the subsequent grouting. The modern grout has proven itself and was well received by all decision makers.

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