Our principles for your benefit

A preface to compliance

The success of our company depends crucially on all of us - management, supervisors and each individual employee - behaving honestly, with integrity and ethically. The present Code of Conduct helps us by identifying potential risk and conflict areas and their significance for our company. The Code of Conduct serves as a binding guideline in our day-to-day work. It is supplemented by internal guidelines and regulations as well as contractual agreements. In addition, we naturally comply with national and international legal regulations. This also means that we do not engage in activities based on fraud, embezzlement, extortion, theft, embezzlement or any other deliberate damage to the assets of our customers or third parties. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct can result in significant damage, not only to our company, but also to us as employees, as well as to our business partners. The Code of Conduct is therefore binding for all of us, regardless of whether we act as employees, supervisors or managing directors in the company.

Our responsibility as members of society

Human Rights

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms set out the requirements and expectations of the international community with regard to respect for and observance of human rights. We respect, protect and promote the applicable regulations for the protection of human and children's rights (hereinafter referred to as human rights) worldwide as fundamental and universally applicable requirements. We reject any use of child labor, forced labor and compulsory labor, as well as any form of modern slavery and human trafficking. This applies not only to cooperation within our company, but of course also to the conduct of and toward business partners.

Equal opportunities and equal treatment

Equal opportunities and equal treatment are important cornerstones for fair, unprejudiced and open interaction. The ROMEX® Group promotes respectful and cooperative interaction, diversity and tolerance. Because this is how we will be able to achieve the highest level of productivity, competitiveness and innovation, creativity and efficiency. We offer equal opportunities for all. We do not discriminate against anyone and do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of ethnic or national affiliation, gender, religion, ideology, age, disability, sexual orientation, skin color, political views, social origin or any other legally protected characteristics. We live diversity, actively promote inclusion and create an environment that fosters the individuality of each and every person in the interests of the company. We select, hire and promote our employees on the basis of their qualifications and skills.

Product conformity and safety

Every day, countless people come into contact with our products and services. The ROMEX® Group has the responsibility to exclude as far as possible the risks, disadvantages and dangers for health, safety, environment and assets of our customers or third parties resulting from the handling of these products and services. It is not only a legal obligation, but also our claim to comply with the legal and official regulations and internal standards applicable to our products. Our products correspond to the respective state of the art and are developed in accordance with the legal requirements. These are continuously and systematically ensured by processes and structures. We make no compromises here. We ensure that appropriate measures can be initiated in good time if deviations occur.

Donations, sponsorship and charity

The ROMEX® Group makes donations (i.e. donations on a voluntary basis without consideration) and sponsorships (i.e. donations on the basis of a contractually agreed consideration) with the aim of positively shaping our reputation and public perception and providing concrete support to the institutions, associations or individuals considered. In order to avoid conflicts of interest and to ensure uniform behavior within the company, donations and sponsoring measures are only permitted within the framework of the respective legal system and in accordance with the current internal regulations of the brands and companies of the ROMEX® Group. We grant donations in cash and in kind for the following areas: Science and research, education, charitable purposes, sports, culture, churches and church institutions. In addition, donations are only given to institutions that are recognized as non-profit organizations or are authorized to accept donations by special regulations. Donations and sponsorships are only granted by us within the framework of a transparent approval process.

Our responsibility as a business partner

Ban on corruption

Corruption is a serious problem in economic transactions. It leads to decisions made for improper reasons, prevents progress and innovation, distorts competition and harms society. Corruption is prohibited. It can result in fines for the ROMEX® Group of Companies and criminal sanctions for employees involved. The quality of our company's products and services are key to our success. We do not tolerate corruption. We grant benefits to business partners, customers or other external third parties only within the legally permissible framework and specified requirements.

Fair and free competition

Fair and free competition is protected by the applicable competition and antitrust laws. Compliance with these laws ensures that there is no distortion of competition in the market - to the benefit of all market participants. In particular, agreements and concerted practices between competitors that have the purpose or effect of preventing or restricting free competition are prohibited. It is also illegal to abuse a dominant position. Such abuse may, for example, occur in the case of different treatment of customers without objective justification (discrimination), in the case of refusal to supply, in the case of the imposition of unreasonable purchase or sales prices and conditions, or in the case of tying transactions without objective justification for the additional service demanded. Anti-competitive behavior can not only significantly damage the good reputation of the ROMEX® Group, but also result in severe fines and penalties. We conduct business exclusively according to the principle of performance and on the basis of the market economy and free, unhindered competition. We like to measure ourselves against our competitors and always comply with the law and ethical principles. We do not enter into any anti-competitive agreements with competitors, suppliers or customers. If our company holds a dominant market position, we do not abuse it. In our dealings with authorized distributors, we comply with the specific antitrust framework for distribution systems.

Our responsibility in the workplace

Occupational safety and health protection

The ROMEX® Group takes its responsibility for the safety and health of its employees very seriously. We ensure occupational health and safety within the framework of the applicable national regulations and on the basis of the company's health and safety policy. We maintain and promote the health, performance and job satisfaction of our employees through continuous improvement of working conditions and a variety of prevention and health promotion measures.


To protect privacy, special legal regulations exist for the handling of personal data. In principle, the collection, storage, processing and other use of personal data requires the consent of the person or persons concerned, a contractual provision or another legal basis. We protect the personal data of employees, former employees, customers, suppliers and other data subjects. We collect, process, use and store personal data only in accordance with the legal requirements.