One product. Many possibilities. Thanks to its outstanding properties, our repair mortar can be used in many different ways, especially in public areas.

The strongest repair mortar

The road network in Germany nowadays is already overloaded and the Federal Government's forecast does not see any improvement in the future either. On the contrary. Since most of the road surfaces in Germany are made of asphalt, a further decisive factor for road damage is the heavy traffic loads. Asphalt loses its elasticity and adhesive power over time, the material becomes weak. First, cracks appear, which then turn into potholes caused by erosion and ice formation in the cracks.
Potholes are an annoyance and at the same time a source of danger. It is logical that cities and municipalities are interested in repairing these holes as quickly and permanently as possible. Preferably during the winter when the time for such repair work is available. At minus temperatures, however, most of the materials fail during the application phase. In addition, many products crumble after a certain time, so the renovation is not permanent.

ROMPOX® - D4000 HR is a 2-component epoxy resin repair mortar. This mortar is used for friction locked crack sealing and to repair edges or broken areas. Thanks to the high reactivity of the product, the surface can be re-opened to traffic very quickly. An application temperature of up to -10 °C | 14 °F makes this product unique. Whether for road damage, holes, breakage on curbstones or around manhole covers or cracks in floor coatings: the unique repair mortar ROMPOX® - D4000 HR can be used all year round, even at minus temperatures.

  • for heavy traffic loads
  • for surface depths from 10 mm
  • for surface temperatures from -10° C

Colours: sand-neutral, stonegrey-concrete, basalt-asphalt
Standard container: 7 kg and 17,5 kg bucket

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ROMEX® provides the solution for you! With our repair mortar ROMPOX® - D4000 HR, which has been developed precisely for these fields of application, potholes can be repaired quickly and permanently. Thanks to the high reactivity, the area can be re-opened to traffic within a short period of time. Application temperature of up to -10 ° C makes this product unique. But it is the many uses for this product that make it so impressive. Due to its material make up and consistency, ROMPOX®-D4000 HR can also be used to repair edges or breakouts, such as curbs, staircases, ramps. The product is used not only in outdoor areas, but also in storage and industrial halls.

Thanks to the numerous possibilities of use, but above all by its longevity, our repair mortar ROMPOX® - D4000 HR is a cost-effective solution for building yards and road maintenance companies for the maintenance of roads, sidewalks, curbs and other damaged areas.

Repair mortar proves itself in practice comparison

Even if we have always been convinced by the quality of our repair mortar, ROMEX® is pleased with the numerous positive feedbacks received, such as the one from the Eifel municipality of Kall: the potholes repaired with ROMPOX® - D4000 HR at the heavily frequented station are still perfectly repaired three years after completion (installation 2014).

This is not a matter of course for many competing products. Retrospect: At that time, the building authority had been looking for a permanent solution to repair road damage. In addition to the cold asphalt of a competitor known in the road construction industry, the ROMPOX® - D4000 HR repair mortar, newly launched on the market in 2013 and a world first, was also used for repairs. With great success: already at the first check after three months the very good quality was recognizable. After ten months, it was found that the conventional cold asphalt slowly crumbled, but the ROMEX® repair mortar showed no signs of damage. And today, after almost three years, it is clear: the material has proved its worth. Not least because of its stability and longevity it does not cause any subsequent costs.

Scepticism removed by quality

At first they were rather suspicious. "We were sceptical at first whether this special repair mortar ROMEX® would hold" Manager of civil engineering Helmut Murk says. However, after a recent site visit, Murk is full of praise: "Yes, the ROMEX® mortar has held, so well in fact that we can hardly believe it ourselves. "On the other hand, the competitor's product faired particularly badly:" The cold asphalt used in the same area has broken down again by more than 80 percent, after not even a year."

ROMPOX® - D4000 HR can also be applied at -10°

In addition to the longevity of ROMEX® repair mortar, it is the second highlight, which also impressed the municipality of Kall: the substance can be applied even at temperatures of up to -10 degrees. This means that it can be used to repair road damage and potholes all year round. Since the market launch of the new ROMPOX® - D4000 HR in the winter 2013/2014, more than 200 municipalities in Germany and Austria, as well as industrial operators for in-house repairs, have been convinced of the quality of the product and have been using it regularly since then.

Application examples

  • Abplatzungen einer Bordsteinkante vor der Sanierung
  • Abplatzungen einer Bordsteinkante nach der Reparatur mit Rompox D4000 HR
  • Herausgebrochene Bordsteinkante
  • Herausgebrochene Bordsteinkante mit Romex saniert
  • Ausbrüche um einen Kanaldeckel
  • Sanierung der Asphaltfläche rund um den Kanaldeckel
  • Um den Kanaldeckel herum wurde Asphalt weggefräst
  • Sanierung des Kanaldeckels mit Rompox D4000 HR
  • Straßenschäden vor der Sanierung
  • Sanierung erfolgte durch den schnellen Reparaturmörtel von Romex
  • Schlaglöcher sorgen für Unfälle und Schäden an Fahrzeugen
  • Schlagloch Sanierung mit Romex Reparaturmörtel
  • Abplatzungen am Übergang zwischen Betonboden der Lagerhalle und Pflasterfläche
  • Mit D4000 HR lassen sich Löcher und Ausbrüche im Innen und Außenbereich flicken
  • Schlagloch vor der Sanierung
  • Schlagloch nach der Sanierung mit Romex
  • Zerstörter Bordstein
  • Bordstein wieder völlig hergestellt mit dem Reparaturmörtel D4000 HR