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Tailor-made system solutions

As specialists with decades of experience in the construction project business, ROMEX® brings you tested and certified systems of the highest quality. For the best possible realization of your construction project we offer tailor-made system solutions and accompany your project until the final acceptance. The quality of our systems is ensured by specially developed quality standards, which go far beyond the generally applicable standards.


The floors of multi-storey car parks and underground garages have to endure a lot. They are permanently under the heaviest mechanical, chemical and thermal loads, for example due to the abrasion of the driving surfaces, the leakage of oil and gasoline as well as weather-related moisture. Especially in winter, several aspects often come together when ice, snow and additionally road salt reach the parking garages via the tyres of the cars. No wonder that the floor of such a car park must be particularly resistant. But how can concrete surfaces, which are constantly driven on, be optimally protected?

With our ROMEX® car park system OS 8, ramps and parking ramps as well as parking and carriageway surfaces in multi-storey car parks and underground garages are coated and thus made fit for the heavy loads of cars that roll over the surfaces every day and stress the floors.

Our ROMEX® car park system for surfaces with busy and mechanically heavy loads without crack bridging complies with the test class OS 8 and consists of two components: ROMPOX ® 1506OS epoxy resin primer and ROMPOX ® 1005OS epoxy resin topcoat / sealant. Important for application first of all, is the condition of the substrate before priming. It must be loadbearing, level, dry, free of oil, grease, separating agents and dust. Loose parts and other dirt must be removed. As a rule, the substrate to be processed should be prepared with shot peening, sometimes milling or grinding may be necessary. The actual priming with ROMPOX ® 1506OS is very easy using a rubber squeegee. Attention: After priming, all surface pores must be sealed. For car park coating of about 1.5 millimeters, the spreading with quartz sand (after hardening sweep, possibly grind surface and vacuum) and then seal with topcoat ROMPOX ® 1005OS. This is done using a single-lipped hard rubber squeegee or trowel; then levelled sharply and rolled. Important: ROMEX ® experts recommend that all tools are cleaned with commercially available solvents (eg ethanol or methylated spirits) every time work stops.

System sheet surface protection system
Mark Up Carpark system (OS 8)

Different floor areas means different loads

In this context, three areas are outlined: The so-called black area refers to the driveways and ramps. These are subjected to high mechanical and chemical loads, as well as heavy pollution and high abrasion. This is mainly because cars bring dirt, rain water, ice, snow and road salt into the car park and lose most of it in the "entrance area". The coating system must be made stronger there, as well as have a rough surface.

The so-called grey areas are the routes within a car park. As well as having good loadbearing capacity, these must be easy to clean, in order to have a visually appealing appearance. The surface is smooth with markings. Markings should be clearly visible and have "designer quality" so as to upgrade the car park but without costing too much. In addition, security and order are improved with markings.

The so-called white area are the car parking spaces. Resting traffic also causes loads on the surface. Car parking spaces must therefore be made to protect the concrete from leaking oil or gasoline and resistant to the plasticizers of tyre rubber. The surface is made smooth.

Carparks and underground garages differ fundamentally from all other buildings in current building construction. During the winter months, vehicles bring in moisture containing de-icing salt. The chloride contained therein can cause considerable corrosion damage to the steel reinforcement in the concrete, some of which is not visible and can only be detected by experts. Due to weak areas in the system (i.e. cracks, grit nests, work joints…), the chloride is able to attack the reinforcement steel.

Because of this, since the introduction of DIN 1045-20015, it is recommended using surface protection systems or sealants in order to ensure that carparks and underground garages can continue to be used safely despite crack formation in the concrete construction.

The rigid ROMEX® OS 8-System affords protection against strongest mechanical, chemical and thermal loads for ground slabs and surfaces touching the ground. Our ROMEX® OS11 systems are used, when absolute avoidance of crack formation is required. In particular open air carparks that have constant changes in temperature in both the upper and lower surfaces and also are subject to thermal loads, need to have coatings that bridge cracks.

The ROMEX® OS 11a-System offers permanent and secure crack bridging protection indoors and outdoors. A swimming layer made of ROMPUR® 2605OS ensures the required capacity for bridging cracks and has increased protection with an additional abrasion layer made of ROMPUR® 2606OS. The final sealant ROMPUR® 2607OS made from polyurethane ensures the required light stability.

In covered in between decks, due to construction dynamic changes in loads can lead to crack formation. For these areas, the ROMEX® OS 11b-System is the correct solution. It affords reliable protection against the penetration of aggressive substances into the construction body. The abrasion layer is made with the elastic ROMPUR® 2605 OS and the top sealant is ROMPOX® 1006 OS which provides the required protection against mechanical and chemical loads.

System data sheet surface protection system (OS 11 a/b)
Mark Up Carpark system (OS 11 a)
Mark Up Carpark system (OS 11 b)

ROMPOX ® 1107 ESD coating is an electrically conductive, mechanically and chemically loadbearing self-levelling coating. It is used in manufacturing areas in the electronics industry, circuit board manufacture, laboratories, operating theatres, computer rooms and in the automotive industry as well as for use in other areas with EPA requirements. It fulfills the requirements according to DIN EN 61340-5-1. ROMPOX®1107 ESD fulfills the location junction resistance according to VDE 0100-600 (2008) electrode 1 (tripod electrode) of >50.000 Ohm, according to the tolerance limit requirements of VDE 0100-410. ROMPOX ® 1107 ESD coating is an easy to clean coating combined with high abrasion strength. It is chemically resistant to alkalis, saline solutions and diluted acids as well as mineral oils.

System data sheet ESD coating
Mark Up Carpark ESD coating

Does your company work with electronic components?

Particularly in electronics production, industrial electronics, computer technology, telecommunications technology or automotive electronics, unregulated electrostatic discharge can damage electrical components. This happens unnoticed. Already a discharge of 100 volts can damage your components. High financial damage and loss can result, for example, when re-call campaigns become necessary.

Our chemically and mechanically loadbearing ESD coating, which guarantees a controlled discharge as a floor covering, prevents this damage! In addition, transport and a more motion-free working environment is ensured. Each workstation is secured. If the coating system "human-shoe-floor" is used as the main measure for personal earthing, then ROMPOX® 1107 ESD coating meets the specifications required by DIN 61340-5-1.

In our consultations with end customers from a wide range of industries, we hear again and again:
"...We need a certain degree of slip resistance of the floor to prevent accidents and to comply with the applicable workplace guidelines or the regulations of the employers' liability insurance association, ...but: the cleanability should still be guaranteed."

Until now, it has always been quite difficult to meet this requirement and in some cases it was only possible to achieve R9 or R10 slip resistance with matt sealants in combination with glass beads or other additives. This is problematic in areas subject to high chemical and mechanical loads, as the matt sealants are sometimes only applied with 0.120 kg/m² and the "lifetime" is automatically limited due to the low layer thickness.

"Real" slip resistance of R10 - R13 for heavily trafficked areas in industry or car parks is therefore still achieved by means of quartz sand sprinklings (R10 - R11 with 0.3-0.8 mm quartz sand in excess: 3-4 kg/m², R12 - R13 with 0.7-1.2 mm quartz sand in excess: 3-4 kg/m². These floors with quartz sand sprinkling are tried and tested and extremely hard-wearing, but have the disadvantage that they are difficult to clean due to the fully sanded quartz sand surface, which readily picks up dirt between the grains.

Furthermore, the full-surface sprinkling of quartz sand is problematic for renovations during ongoing operations, as an enormous amount of dust is generated during processing and can almost not be ruled out, even when using low-dust, innovative quartz sands.

The innovative ROMPOX® 1070 Thix is a structural coating that achieves a reproducible, predefined slip resistance level with good cleanability by mixing in fillers. The epoxy resin system is chemically and mechanically highly resistant and is mainly used for the required slip resistance levels R10 - R11. As there is no scattering, but the fillers are mixed into the coating, there is no dust formation and adjacent work areas, e.g. during renovations during ongoing operations, are not affected. Furthermore, the processing is considerably more convenient for the processing company, as 90 % quartz sand is saved with this method and the time-consuming scattering, sweeping and vacuuming is no longer necessary. For a 1,000 m² area, approx. 4,000 kg of quartz sand is applied to the surface with conventional quartz sand sprinkling, whereas with ROMPOX® 1070 Thix only 50 kg of filler is applied.

For areas at risk of cracking, ROMPOX® 1080 Thix used as an elasticised coating system, with a corresponding elastic substructure with ROMPOX® 1505 Flex and ROMPOX® 1080 Elastic coating.
System data sheet Structural coating
System construction Structural coating

ROMEX® System solutions

Our durable 2-component epoxy resin primers provide optimal protection for almost any surface. Whether on steel, concrete, anhydrite and magnesite screeds or asphalt / bitumen, the primers by ROMEX® are perfectly matched to the respective substrate. Our high-quality floor coatings are characterized by their high resilience, their slip resistance and chemical resistance. In addition to tested systems such as our OS 8 coating for multi-storey car parks and underground car parks, ROMEX® is one of the leading suppliers of ESD coatings.

ROMEX® coating systems are rounded off with our floor and wall sealants. Our EP and PU sealers provide optimum protection for almost any surface. We leave nothing to be desired and offer our customers glossy sealants with mirror effect, as well as matt surfaces. Rough or smooth, colored or transparent, plain or decorative. ROMEX® offers the right solution for every requirement.