For ROMEX®, sustainability means taking responsibility.

Our concern

We are aware that there is only one planet Earth. That's why we are working hard to create a completely sustainable solution for our packaging. Due to product specifications and durability reasons, we rely on light and oxygen impermeable packaging - but today we use 97% recyclable HDPE material.

But our aspirations continue: as part of the cooperation network BioPlastik, we are continuously scouting for innovative possibilities worldwide so that we can do without plastic in the not too distant future.

Sustainability at ROMEX®

The ROMEX® 2020 target is to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 25%. The first step to achieve this has been the complete renovation of our production facility at the Meckenheim location. Furthermore a new photovoltaic system has been added to the top of the administration building. In order to gradually decrease CO2 emissions even further, great efforts are being made to implement further measures. These include the purchase of certified green energy, switch to e-mobility, railcards for sales personnel and employees as well as the reduction of car and air travel.

Overall ROMEX® wants to keep it’s environmental impact as low as possible. That is why ROMEX® intends to use only local raw materials and methods of production for new products, in order keep transport emissions down. But also with our proven products from the current range we aim to switch to use of regional raw materials as well. In order to do this, we accept that our long-established range of colours may slightly change.

Furthermore, ROMEX® will make its contribution to drastically improving health protection by consistently avoiding solvents. This means continually optimising the formulas of our products. As of today, almost all of ROMEX® products are solvent free.

Because ROMEX® cannot completely do without plastic packaging due to the nature of the product, we are intensively concerned with sustainable packaging solutions. Because packaging legislation only prescribes taking back packaging, we decided to first ensure that ROMEX® packaging is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Thanks to the cooperation with the environmental service provider Interseroh, our packaging is largely preserved in the recycling cycle through high-quality recycling.

But we go one step further. As soon as our packaging stocks for the respective product groups expire, we will gradually switch to packaging made from recycled plastic.

As a former partner of the BMWi "BioPlastik Cooperation Network", ROMEX® currently refrains from using bio plastic as ecological, biodegradable packaging. According to the current state of development, according to the Federal Environment Agency, this is far from being more ecological than conventional plastic packaging. Because on the one hand oil is used to produce plant based raw materials, on the other hand soils are mostly over-fertilized and contaminated with pesticides. The subsequent production of bioplastics consumes a great deal of energy.


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