We provide answers. FAQ. The most frequently asked questions about the application of our pavement jointing mortars, floor coatings and displacement protectors explained.

Storage questions

We usually state the shelf life of our products as 2 years. However, you can still use most products after many years without any problems. If you are unsure, please contact us.

The storage of ROMPOX® products cannot be generalised. ROMPOX® - EASY und ROMPOX® - Ecofine are insensitive to frost and can also be stored outside. The containers must be protected from direct sunlight. The 2-component products in buckets and as bagged goods such as ROMPOX® - DRÄN or ROMPOX® - D1 must be stored frost-free and dry. In addition, the pallets are not stackable!

Our bucket packs can also be stored outdoors, in which case please ensure that the products are stored frost-free and not in the blazing sun. The sandbags are not suitable for outdoor use and should at least be stored under cover.