We provide answers. FAQ. The most frequently asked questions about the application of our pavement jointing mortars, floor coatings and displacement protectors explained.

Questions about distribution

In order to meet customer demands and market requirements, ROMEX® markets its products under the brands ROMPOX® and FUGLI®. The ROMPOX® brand is the professional brand for the landscaper, the road builder, the civil engineer, the certified applicator. The ROMPOX® products are products and systems of the highest quality. These systems are sold exclusively through specialist building material dealers and are processed by expert companies. FUGLI® is the do-it-yourself brand of the ROMEX® company and is sold directly to the end consumer via DIY stores and online. The products of the FUGLI® brand are high-quality products that can be used and processed without hesitation, especially by do-it-yourselfers and laymen.

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Our product documents (technical data sheets) are available in German and English as standard and can be viewed directly on our homepage. To do so, you can either go directly to the product line or use our download area. On request, we will also be happy to provide you with product documentation in French. In addition, various products are available in other languages. Just ask our sales department: e-mail.

German and English product documents (technical data sheets) can either be found directly in the product areas or you can use our download area. Further languages can be requested from our sales department or, if available, can be ordered there. Simply send us an email.

Your safety is extremely important to us. The classification and categorisation of the ingredients of our products by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) sometimes changes weekly. This makes it necessary to regularly adapt and update the safety data sheets. To ensure that you always receive the latest version, we have decided to check the current status for each request and then provide you with the latest safety data sheet on request. If you require a safety data sheet, please request it from us by email.

Yes, as a manufacturer we are obliged to provide the safety data sheets of our products for the countries we sell to in the respective national language. If you need a corresponding data sheet, please request it from us by email.

You can buy our ROMPOX® brand professional products from building materials retailers. Please contact your local building materials dealer and ask specifically for our products. If a dealer does not have our products in stock, he can usually order the products from us and provide them to you promptly.

You can buy the products of our DIY brand FUGLI® both stationary in DIY stores at Bauhaus, Toom and in some OBI markets, as well as online at Terrassenliebe, Amazon or Ebay. [Link]