Many sided. High quality. The decorative grit & gravel strengtheners offer numerous ways of use for areas in private and public sectors.

Outstanding solutions

Thanks to our research and development department, we are always able to improve conventional products and working methods in order to offer reasonable alternatives. The decorative grit and gravel strengtheners ROMPOX® - DEKO and ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO. They represent the modern solution for tree surrounds, walkways and representative surfaces and have replaced the classic tree surrounds made of metal thanks to their numerous advantages. In addition, these products can be used to create barrier-free surfaces. The public sector - such as footpaths - is seeing an improvement in quality in a variety of ways.


No more loose stones landing on the lawn, the patio or even in the house. With ROMPOX® - DEKO, grit and gravel can be bonded together to create a sure-footed, visually appealing surface. Whether light wells around the house, decorative surfaces, tree surrounds or garden paths, with the 1 component resin binder for washed, dried and dust-free grit / gravel all garden projects can be achieved. The light stability makes ROMPOX® - DEKO especially suitable for light stones. The surfaces are water permeable and easy to clean.

Our grit and gravel hardener ROMPOX® - DEKO is ...

  • für for surface depths from 30 mm | 1 1⁄4“
  • not odour nuisance
  • frost, de-icing salt, UV and water resistant
  • suitable for light grit/gravel

Farbe: transparent
Container: 1 Kg | 2.2 lb tin

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Your gravel has rolled out. Loose stones on paths or lawns does not have to be. With ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO, grit and gravel can be bonded together to create a sure-footed, visually appealing surface. Especially for tree surrounds, on cemetery paths or playgrounds, around benches or for decorative purposes, with the 2-component synthetic resin binder for washed, dried and dust-free grit / gravel all projects can be achieved in public areas. The surfaces are permeable to water and easy to clean.

Our grit and gravel hardener ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO is ...

  • für for surface depths from 30 mm | 1 1⁄4“
  • ideal for pathway construction and tree pits
  • for professional use
  • highly strength

Farbe: transparent
Container: 3 Kg | 6.62 lb container || 30 Kg | 55.12 lb bag (compound)

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The difference between the two products already begins with the raw material base. ROMPOX® - DEKO is a 1-component PU resin, while ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO is a 2-component EP resin. This makes DEKO significantly more resistant to UV rays, which makes it particularly suitable for light coloured gravel and grit. PROFI-DEKO, as the term suggests, is designed for the professional user in public areas. Thanks to it’s strong adhesive power it is ideal for tree surrounds or footpaths subjected to permanent loads.

ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO vs. metal tree surrounds

The advantages are obvious: a conventional metal tree surround is expensive in material, processing and maintenance. ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO, on the other hand, convinces with a shorter processing time, significantly lower costs and, in principle, higher environmental friendliness. Good arguments for municipalities, where sustainability is important.

Calculation example: A conventional metal tree surround costs between 700 and 800 euros, the substructure a little more than 400 euros, the bed foundation around 600 euros. With the tree surround, expert fitting and operating costs, total costs of more than 2,700 euros are quickly reached. Fitting takes up to eight hours. The installation has to be cleaned again and again, which can lead to high maintenance costs.

The opposite is true for ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO, because the modern solution for tree surrounds saves time and money: the product costs approx. 55 euros per package, and in general two containers are required. In addition, there are four bags of gravel / grit of 25 kg for a maximum of 30 euros. Expert laying costs 40 euros, the operating costs for the installation are quoted as 5 euros. Overall, the cost is 175 euros - a fraction of what the classic tree surround costs. In addition, the solution from the Euskirchen company is clean and environmentally friendly: ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO is water-permeable and even grows with the tree. Since it can be used flexibly, there are various possibilities of design. And since the cleaning is so easy and simple, the follow-up costs are limited.


  • Tree surrounds in Budapest with professional decoration
  • Avenue with new tree surrounds
  • Old paved area without tree border
  • Tree surrounding with Rompox deco and a grouted edging
  • Tree surroundings before without Romex
  • Tree surroundings after with Romex grit- and gravel hardening
  • Weeds and rubbish surround the newly planted tree
  • Clean solution thanks to a tree surrounding with Rompox Profi-Deko
  • Cleaned area around the tree borders in Mechernich
  • Finished tree edging in Mechernich with Rompox Profi-Deko
  • Difficult to access cemetery path that is not handicapped accessible
  • Barrier-free cemetery path with Romex grit hardening
  • Romex tree surrounding that are easy to clean
  • Tree border with Romex easily accessible for all

Create barrier-free surfaces

According to the law, public spaces must be designed in such a way that they can also be used by people with impaired walking without the help of others. This is not a given everywhere. Typical cemetery paths, for example, are often muddy after a heavy rain and can hardly be used with a wheelchair. Accessibility? Wrong! In this case too, the solution is called ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO. The use of the grit and gravel strengthener means that, in addition to tree surrounds, it is also possible to produce area and path surfaces that are barrier-free and water-permeable in all weather conditions.

On construction sites, it is especially appreciated when material can be easily processed. And as with all ROMEX® products, ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO has also been developed exclusively by us and has been carefully tested for quality. Part of the good service offered by ROMEX® is the free instruction given on the construction site. Customers and laying companies can also obtain tips for problem-free application in advance by contacting the experts from Euskirchen.