We provide answers. FAQ. The most frequently asked questions about the application of our pavement jointing mortars, floor coatings and displacement protectors explained.

Questions about products

Synthetic resins have been used in the construction sector for decades in many areas of application. They have also long since proven themselves as binders for pavement jointing mortars. By using different synthetic resin binders and sands, grouts with very specific properties can be produced. In principle, a distinction is made between 1-component and 2-component systems. ROMEX® uses polybutadiene and polyurethane resins as 1-component resins. These harden through contact with atmospheric oxygen or humidity, as is also known from paints, for example. These products are usually very easy to handle. The 2-component materials have an epoxy resin as a binder. Here, a hardener is added to a resin component. A chemical reaction creates a very stable connection. By using different hardeners and binder proportions, products can be tailor-made for a wide range of applications. This enables us to offer suitable solutions for almost every area of application.

Synthetic resin-based pavement jointing mortars are modern, very high-quality systems for grouting almost all outdoor stone and slab surfaces, which have many advantages over conventional joint fillers. Unlike common grit or sand, synthetic resin paving grouts remain permanently in the joint and protect the joint from weed growth. They are tread-resistant and resistant to high-pressure cleaners. Compared to cement, synthetic resin-based grouts offer frost and de-icing salt resistance. Cement grouts with the smallest cracks burst open due to freezing water in the joints and break. There is also no need for laborious cleaning after grouting with cement. Synthetic resin grout can be easily swept off during application. Particularly for larger areas, synthetic resin paving grout offers enormous time savings. Synthetic resin pavement jointing mortar is easy to lay and guarantees an attractive joint appearance in the long term.

We produce pavement jointing mortar for a wide variety of applications. These range from small decorative areas to garden paths, terraces and driveways to heavy traffic areas such as bus stops or market squares. Our products are therefore divided into two areas: Private areas and public areas. You can get an overview of the different areas of application and the possible load in each case on the following overview.

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We produce pavement jointing mortar for a wide range of applications and areas of use. We cover all loads from pedestrians to heavy traffic. You can get an overview of the different areas of application and the respective possible loads on the following overview.

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Due to their composition, pavement jointing mortars can only be realistically installed from a joint width of 3 mm. For joint widths below 3 mm, we recommend our joint sands. Our range includes grouting solutions from 1 mm grout widths and for almost every application. An overview of the different joint widths, areas of application and the respective possible loads can be found in the following overview.

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2-component pavement jointing mortars (2K) are basically designed for heavier loads. In many cases, the use of 1-component pavement jointing mortar is sufficient for private areas. In addition, 1C pavement jointing mortar is easier and faster to apply, especially for non-professionals. You can get an overview of the different areas of application of 1C and 2C pavement jointing mortar on the following overview.

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Our pavement jointing mortars all offer excellent protection against weeds. And that permanently. In general, we would like to point out that thorough cleaning of the joints before grouting is very important.

No, our pavement jointing mortars are all cement-free.

Our ROMPOX® - JOINTING SAND NP becomes plastic and somewhat softer when it rains due to its raw material composition. However, it is not washed out of the joint. Heavily loaded areas such as drip edges can be additionally protected with our ROMPOX® - JOINT STRENGTHENER.

It is not possible to flush our 1K and 2K pavement jointing mortars out of the joint. With these products, the joints themselves can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. In addition to being a permanently fixed joint, all our pavement jointing mortars are water-permeable and thus drain rainwater. Note: ROMEX® grouting sands are not resistant to high-pressure cleaners.

Yes, in principle this is not a problem at all. All 2-component epoxy resin mortars (e.g. ROMPOX® - DRAIN, ROMPOX® - D1, ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO, etc.) as well as the 1-component polyurethane products (e.g. ROMPOX® - DEKO) can be used around swimming pools. However, the products cannot be used under water, in the pool, garden pond or as a stream.

On the other hand, we do not recommend the use of 1-component fixed and ready-mixed mortars, such as ROMPOX® - EASY. This type of grout can slowly dissolve over time. Discolouration can of course occur in general.

We recommend the use of ROMPOX® - ECOFINE. The slabs must be bound and laid so that they are permeable to water. Our bedding products are of course suitable for the appropriate bedding.

In general, it would of course also be possible to use almost all other ROMEX® pavement jointing mortars, although a whitish/grey film may appear during weathering, especially when using 2-component pavement jointing mortars on dark coverings. Read more about this on the synthetic resin film page.

It can indeed happen that you see different sand colours from one and the same pallet when you open the Easy pails. Depending on where and how long a pallet with ROMPOX® - EASY has been stored, it can happen that the sand colour of the buckets on the outside has already changed to the later colour shade due to UV radiation. The colours equalise in the course of a few weeks.

Buckets that are on the "inside" of the pallet and are not exposed to direct UV radiation still have their original sand colour. Therefore, we write in our documents as well as on the pallets that containers/buckets must be protected from direct sunlight.

In addition, all our products and fillers are natural products that may show natural colour variations.

Yes, we also have a pavement jointing mortar that can be used around pools. This sustainable grout is chlorine and salt water resistant. You can find more information about our product ROMPOX® - ECOFINE in the product data sheet.

The best solution for private areas on hot days is ROMPOX® - ECOFINE. The guarantor for relaxed summer building sites. As a 1-component grout, ROMPOX® - ECOFINE has a completely different reaction mechanism and reacts much more slowly (slower) at high temperatures than a 2-component grout. As material only has to be taken out in portions during processing, the bag can be processed without any problems, even for up to one hour. If the processing should unexpectedly take longer, the contents of the bag can be poured into the bucket and filled up with water until the entire mortar is covered with water. It is then possible to "keep" the mortar for a whole month.