At ROMEX® social responsibility doesn't end in front of our company gate.

Our Responsibility

As a family business, humanity and trust form the basis of fruitful cooperation. We regard these values as a social resource, which allows us to add value for those who work with us. For us, humanity also means taking on social responsibility. In addition to our employees, we are also interested in the common good of the region in which we work. We want to be socially responsibe, particularly in the area of our business location.

More and more people are making this time of year about "charity donations instead of presents". We, that is ROMEX®, but also many of our employees privately, do likewise by asking for charitable donations thus sending out a sign of solidarity with people in need.

Presumably, you are also likely to spend a lot of time planning on what to give as presents on different occasions. Do the same as us. Avoid lavish customer gifts and make people happy who need it much more than us.

People in need require our support!

For example, we support the Tafel Rheinbach-Meckenheim eV It is a non-profit association that has set itself the goal of supporting needy people from the communities of Rheinbach and Meckenheim with food and items of immediate personal need.

Furthermore, for years we have been supporting the German Bone Marrow Donor Database, or DKMS for short, which is dedicated to the fight against blood cancer. For every blood cancer patient a suitable donor should be found or access to therapies should be made possible.

Since 2019 we are supporting kinderherz eV in Bonn for the first time . They have been advocating for children with heart disease since 1989. Congenital heart and vascular malformations are the most common organ diseases that occur in newborns and infants. Kinderherz supports children's heart medicine, research and development and constantly improves treatment options.

We are happy to help!

We do not receive a donation of this enormous amount every day. It makes it much easier for us to help people in need in Meckenheim and Rheinbach.

Ludwig Mikisch, Treasurer Tafel e.V.

Child sponsorship at World Vision

ROMEX® is aware of its social responsibility and has supported various projects for years. From June 1st, 2020 we will sponsor a child at World Vision. As a sponsor, we want to provide children in need with a healthy diet, drinking water, medical care and education over the long term. In addition, ROMEX® donates a monthly contribution to improve the general living conditions on site.

The young girl we are sponsoring is called Rediet Assefa. Rediet lives in Ethiopia and is 6 years old (born 2013).

The donations and support are a small contribution on our part, to help with understanding the worries and needs of many people on this earth, but above all, to help those who, unlike us, are NOT able to have clean drinking water from the tap or to consume lavish food every day.

Social commitment teaches us every day new humility and to be satisfied with what we have here in Germany. Because everything else is in the truest sense of the word: complaints at a high level!

You regularly receive letters, photos or health reports from and about the children and you can really feel that the help actually reaches the people. My personal, tiny contribution to making the world a little better.

Bert Meurer, CEO ROMEX® GmbH