An innovative joint seal, combined with displacement protection, combines state-of-the-art road construction technology.

Concrete and natural stone coverings

The valid regulations of the road construction, ZTV construction of the FFL and the MFP of the FGSV, show application areas in the public area. As the load increases, the thrust, shear and torsion forces occurring are intensified. In addition to the undesired displacements, the upper region of the joint is subjected to a constant danger. The absence of the joint material weakens the entire system, thus simultaneously increasing the risk of displacement. A large part of the lateral frictional forces are missing which would form drag forces to work against the occurring thrust forces. The upper section of the joint is blown out by the downwardly curved exhaust pipes of the buses and the trucks. The high suction power of street sweepers further exacerbates the problem.

Here, additional displacement safety devices should be installed together with a fixed joint. Only the combination of both safety measures ensures the perfect protection. Empty joints and a displaced road paving stones should be a thing of the past.

Missing jointing material weakens the connection and thus the first displacement movements begin. The optimum solution is an elastic joint seal, since these have considerable advantages over a hydraulically bound design. Thanks to built-in anchor technology, the surface coverings are not subjected to so much pressure. Detailed information in the ISATEC® Technical brochure.

The optimal solution for joint sealing

ISATEC® - FLEX is a 2-component paving joint mortar suitable for joint widths of five millimeters and joint depths of 30 millimeters on surfaces with medium traffic loads. It is the first and only tough elastic jointing mortar on the market. Due to its maximum elongation ε of 9.26 %, the material can be installed in bonded and unbonded construction. It is water-permeable, self-compacting and water-emulsifiable. In addition, ISATEC® - FLEX jointing mortar prevents any weed penetration.

  • For traffic loads up to 25 t in combination with the anchor protectors
  • For joint widths from 5 mm
  • For joint depths from 30 mm
  • Can be installed according to the criteria of service category 3 according to ZTV Webauau

Colours: neutral, stone grey, basalt
Standard container: 25 kg bucket

Product data sheet

Our paving joint mortar ISATEC® - FLEX has optimal functional properties. With unbonded construction (elastic construction), it compensates for the elastic movements of the covering also. Flank breaks are avoided. Hairline cracks may occur at the connecting areas. This does not affect the functionality. The filling with the flexible joint should be at least 3-4 cm, ideally 2/3 of the stone height of the upper joint area. The joint width has been set to 5 mm. The bedding and grouting material should be composed of a mineral mixture of 0/5 mixed grains (hard rock). It should be certified and meet the standards. Deviating sieve lines shall be declared and confirmed separately by the construction contractor.