Our regional service partners for the professional processing of ROMEX® products in your area.

No more weeds and trip hazards thanks to joint and asphalt rehabilitation.

Old pavement renovation
We clean your old paving surface, scrape out the joints and grout them professionally. Our product ROMPOX® - JOINTING SAND NP is a weed-inhibiting joint sand and can already be used for narrow joints from 1 mm. Small joint cracks repair themselves through contact with water thanks to the binder. The joint sand can be optimally combined with ROMPOX® - JOINT STRENGTHENER to be able to re-treat the surface with this special liquid itself.

Grit and gravelhardener
We turn your grit and gravel areas around the house into firm, water-permeable surfaces. Light wells are cleaned and the edging hardens, and we turn grit and gravel paths into solid, visual highlights in your garden. The decorative hardener ROMPOX® - DEKO and ROMPOX® - PROFI-DEKO are attractive, easy to maintain and create barrier-free surfaces. With ROMPOX® - DEKO , even light-coloured grits can be processed.

Asphalt and pothole repair
Put an end to tripping hazards, potholes and broken edges on asphalt and concrete surfaces! We repair yards, garages or driveways all year round from -10 °C and make them permanently safe and flush. The surface is passable again after only a short time. To do this, we use our strongest repair mortar ROMPOX® - D4000 HR , providing you with a permanently crack-free solution that is resistant to erosion and ice formation and so strong that it is even used in high-traffic public areas.

Garage and cellar sealing
Whether new construction or renovation, we seal your garage, cellar rooms, cellar drains and storage rooms with our extremely hard-wearing, 2-component sealant ROMPOX® - 2K-MULTISIEGEL. It can be used as a versatile floor, wall and ceiling sealant and is suitable for interior and exterior use. ROMPOX® - 2K-MULTISIEGEL is primer and sealer in one. We sand your surface, seal it professionally and make it ready for you to walk on again after just 24 hours as a dust-free, visually appealing surface.

Your specialists in old paving renovation & more!

Do you want to finally solve your weed problem? Then you've come to the right place!

Thorough - Professional - Honest

Whether paving renovation or grit and gravel hardener in your yard and garden, whether pothole repair in your driveway or the sealing of your garage and cellar rooms, we offer professional services ready to use from a single source: preparation, cleaning, professional processing and final-cleaned.

Our promise

  • Durable, weed-free and maintenance-free surfaces
  • Water-permeable products, thus environmentally friendly
  • Subsequent cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner is no longer a problem
  • Almost all paving, slab and clinker surfaces made of concrete or natural stone can be processed.

Our regional SERVICE PARTNERS are skilled craftsmen who have been trained by us and are contractually bound to ROMEX®. In addition to a naturally good customer service, the good German virtues are of the highest priority for our partners:

Punctuality, reliability, diligence, sincerity and honesty.

However, should something not be to your satisfaction, we are happy to be there for you. Call us at 02225 70954-20 or send us an email: info@romex-ag.de.