Starting off as a small dealership and becoming one of the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic resin based paving joint mortars and floor coatings.

Company group ROMEX® AG

The ROMEX® company group is specialised in the research, development and production as well as the sale and application of synthetic resins for floor coatings and paving joint mortars. The head office is in Euskirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen. The family run company has been successful worldwide and belongs to the leading manufacturers/suppliers in this sector.

ROMEX® AG is a Holding Company and acts as administration and marketing management, technical service and documentation service for their subsidiaries. In Germany these are ROMEX® GmbH (sale of industrial floor coatings, paving joint mortars, displacement protection) and ROMEX® Produktionsgesellschaft mbH (Production and Logistics). Abroad there are further associated companies that work independently. The companies advertises it’s products based on the more than 30 years personal experience by the company founder Rolf Meurer. Rolf Meurer is the chairman of ROMEX® AG Holding, chairman of the supervisory board is qualified banker Peter-Josef Schwieren.



Since 01.01.2017 as part of the reorganization both sales companies ROMEX® PFM GmbH and ROMEX® MB GmbH will be combined to form a new company called ROMEX® GmbH. All rights and obligations of both companies will be taken over by ROMEX® GmbH.

The former ROMEX® MB GmbH was formed in 2006 as ROMEX® Export GmbH and took over the worldwide sales activities for ROMEX AG for the sector industrial floor coatings and bridge sealing. ROMEX® MB GmbH is a member of the ROMEX® company group and today sells liquid epoxy resin and polyurethane based synthetic resins, mainly for the manufacture of highly loadbearing industrial floor coatings, primers and sealants. The company advertises by saying that their competitive edge comes from the entire range being based on their own research and development, individual consultation, planning, logistics and production. In addition, the company emphasises their involvement and experience in major international projects in the automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical and food industry sectors as well as with the construction and repair of stadiums, carparks and bridges.

The former ROMEX® PFM GmbH is a member of the ROMEX® company group and acts as a sales company. They offer – via the building trade supply market – synthetic resin based paving joint mortars and service. They only sell products made by the ROMEX Produktionsgesellschaft, with it’s associated Research & Development laboratories and logistics centre based in Meckenheim near Bonn. Thanks to the company’s emphasis on research and development , the paving joint mortar has been developed so that it can even be used in rainy weather. ROMEX® PFM GmbH offers a wide range of various jointing mortars, to cover the many different requirements of all types of joints. Their products are suitable for natural anc concrete stones as well as clinker surfaces. Areas of application are private and public surfaces, surfaces with pedestrian loads (terraces/patios, garden paths), surfaces with heavy traffic loads (i.e. bus stops), horizontal, vertical and decorative, water permeable and functional surfaces. The paving joint mortars offered by ROMEX® PFM GmbH are classified as environmentally friendly. The products are used to joint surfaces, paths and squares cleanly, without sealing them, meaning they are breathable and water permeable longterm. They are also resistant to high pressure cleaners and street sweepers and prevent the penetration by insects such as ants. Thanks to this, many communities support this type of environmentally friendly surface strengthening with grants.

ROMEX® Produktionsgesellschaft mbH
In the research and development department of ROMEX® Produktionsgesellschaft mbH in Meckenheim, the formulas of the industrial floor coatings and paving joint mortars are created. ROMEX® Produktionsgesellschaft mbH produces solely for the company group ROMEX® AG. The logistics centre is connected to them.


The ROMEX® company group is a member of various trade associations and societies. These include the "Betonverband Straße, Landschaft, Garten e.V." (abbr. SLG) – (concrete society road, landscape garden), the "Verband der chemischen Industrie e.V." (abbr. VCI) - (Chemical Industry Association) as well as the Association "Deutsche Bauchemie" – (German Construction Chemicals).