With ROMEX® technical service is not just an empty promise, but is of course, just common courtesy.

Technical information

Surface preparation

In the case of grouting with a synthetic resin-based paving joint mortar, a more or less strong synthetic resin film remains on the surface, depending on the system. This does not represent a defect, nor does it affect the functionality of the paved stone surface.

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Slip safety

More than one million accidents occur in Germany every year due to falls on slippery floors!
ROMEX® offers a full - service concept and high-quality systems that meet all the requirements for a non-slip floor coating.

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Permanently functional as well as visually appealing coatings require care. Because of their properties, ROMEX® industrial floor coatings are easy to clean, but cleaning methods and cleaning agents for the respective flooring type and local conditions are need to be determined.

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Planning and execution

In order to exceed the expectations of our customers for their finished flooring, more than just high-quality products are required. Starting with the consultation and planning of the required floor coating, through to creating individual samples, up to the cleaning and care of the installed floor, we are happy to support you.

With the first consultation, it is important for us and our partners to lay the foundations for a successful project. All necessary work steps must always be planned and executed with special care. Industrial coatings require precise knowledge of the subsoil, structural conditions and environmental influences as well as careful planning and careful handling of the coating work.

Technical advice

By choosing ROMEX® you not only get a high-quality, tailored to the requirements of the surface coating system that is installed by properly certified partners, but you also get the peace of mind of having a competent partner at your side at all times. With the experience of more than 30 years in the business. Worldwide.

For us it is a matter of course that we accompany you and your project from the very beginning. So we can provide you with optimal advice and make your project a success with high quality flooring.