Finally permanent protection thanks to retrofitted ISATec® displacement protection on the Riegelsberg market square.

Protection against displacement thanks to ISATEC® earth anchors

After completion of the construction work on the market square in Riegelsberg and the adjacent access roads, the pavement shifted shortly after the opening to traffic. This inevitably led to joint widening and associated extreme edge chipping on the pavement elements.

From an expert's point of view, only additional protection against displacement that would permanently secure the pavement was an option for the upcoming renovation of the surface. The solution is the innovative ISATec® displacement protectors, which are able to absorb the shear forces that occur. The entire market place as well as the access roads were secured with the EA3K and EAK ground anchor types only in the corresponding danger areas. The anchors are used according to the principle "as few anchors as necessary, but as precise as possible" in order to keep the costs as low as possible while providing the highest possible safety.

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