Permanent protection against displacement and damage thanks to 600 ISATec® displacement guards in the Augustaanlage in Mannheim.

ISATEC® protects Augusta plant from displacement

The four-lane Augustaanlage, developed as an avenue, serves as the main axis of Mannheim's city centre and is part of the Bundesstraße 37. Due to the use of approx. 40,000 vehicles per day, the area is exposed to enormous loads. In 2011, the go-ahead was given for the redesign of the green space as a "promenade". In the third construction phase, a section was paved with concrete blocks to serve as an emergency lane or escape route and as a diversion route, for example in the event of accidents on the main roads.

The higher traffic volume to be expected in this area, with sometimes heavy loads from rescue or fire-fighting vehicles, can result in displacement of the paving stones. Therefore, as a precaution, every third row was equipped with displacement protectors. The innovative anchors absorb the occurring torsional forces as well as linear shear forces caused by braking processes. A total of 600 ISATec® displacement protectors were installed in the Augusta plant. This ensured that the critical areas, such as turning points or stop sections, are optimally and permanently protected from displacement and thus from damage.

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