Our paving joint mortars remain permanently functional and visually attractive with the right maintenance program

Maintenance of Pavement jointing mortar

Optimum cleaning of synthetic resin film

Note should be taken, that after nearly all jointing using synthetic resin paving jointing mortars, a very thin synthetic resin film remains on the stone surface and intensifies the color of the stone, resulting in a gloss effect (wet look). Depending on the type of product used, more or less colour enhancement is given. The synthetic resin film disappears from the surface in open weather and through abrasion in the coming months. Resin film is not an „execution fault“, the quality and usability of the surface is not affected by this in any way. Should it become necessary to clean the synthetic resin film, the following methods are recommended:

On private surfaces with ROMPOX® paving joint mortar (except ROMPOX® - EASY and ROMPOX® - POWER JOINT), it is recommended carrying out an intensive, machine clean using a one disc cleaning machine and high pressure cleaner with the extra strong basic cleaning agent ROMPOX® - BASIC CLEANING AGENT EXTRA. In case of heavy soiling, repeat cleaning process again. On public surfaces with ROMPOX® paving joint mortar and heavy soiling, the cleaning combination ROMPOX® - POWERclean and extra strong basic cleaning agent ROMPOX® - BASIC CLEANING AGENT EXTRA (1:1 diluted with water) is recommended. Please take note of detailed product descriptions.

After jointing, in order to more or less remove the resulting synthetic resin film, clean the stone surface immediately after sweeping using a 1:20 ROMPOX® - BASIC CLEANING AGENT EXTRA : water mix by wiping over several times.

Do not use with ROMPOX® - EASY and ROMPOX® - POWER JOINT, as it can cause undesirable discolouration of the joints. Always test first on inconspicuous area.

Maintenance of stones

The ROMEX® - COLOUR ENHANCER is the clever solution for intensifying the colour of all porous natural and concrete stones indoors and outdoors. It emphasises the structure and colour of the stone and improves the visual attractiveness of the surface. The stone surfaces appear permanently more colour intense and refined.

The colour enhancer penetrates the surface and makes it water repellent without sealing the surface. This reduces soiling on the stone surface, increases resistant to all kinds of marks and makes cleaning easier.

Durability depends on the type of surface of the stone as well as weather and usage. Outdoors the colour enhancement will last one to two years and the water repellent effect will last between four to eight years.

Product Data Sheet on request

ROMEX® - UNIVERSAL SEALANT is for the treatement of stones to make them water and dirt resistant. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The sealant prevents the stones from becoming damp (hydrophobicity) and at the same time guarantees water steam diffusion of dampness from within to the outside.

This water repellent effect can be achieved on all stones, natural and concrete stones, clinker stones, tiles and joints without a build up of layers on the surface.

Product Data Sheet on request