A functioning system needs a well prepared foundation

Proper preparation of the floor

The application of reactive resins when laying, improving or repairing industrial floors, needs precise knowledge of the requirements of the surface, a thorough examination of the surface and careful preparatory work for each individual case.

Testing and preparation of the surface

The durability and resistance of industrial floors made from reactive resins, depends on the strength and quality of the sub surface. This must therefore always be tested for its suitability for the subsequent layer construction and, if necessary, prepared and pre-treated sufficiently.

Requirements of the surface before coating

The surface must be loadbearing, level, dry, free from oil, grease, separating agents and dust. Loose parts and other soiling must be removed. As a rule, each surface must be prepared by means of shot peening and then primed. Milling or grinding may be necessary in individual cases. The adhesive strength of the surface must be 1.5 N/mm2 to ensure good adhesion with the standard primer ROMPOX® 1505.

If the minimum tensile strength is not reached, the damaged concrete surface must be removed by grinding, milling or shot peening, until the healthy core concrete is reached. The residual moisture content of the concrete must be ≤4 CM%, for anhydrite-bound surfaces <0,5 CM%, heated <0,3 CM% (CM device). For cement surfaces with increased moisture content ≤6 CM%, use ROMPOX® 1506, for higher residual moisture content >6 CM%, use ROMPOX® 1504. Highly porous surfaces must be primed twice! In all cases it is necessary that all surface pores are sealed after priming.

Metallic surfaces need to be pre-treated according to SA 2 ½ acc. to ISO norm 8501-1 and be primed with ROMPOX® 1101. Due to the multitude of possible surfaces - especially for old coatings - we recommend that a sample coating is prepared in all cases in order to rule out uncertainties.

Possible expansion joints are laid according to the static calculations.

Detailed overview of surface preparation (german)