We offer you the development of an individual safety concept for your industrial floor covering with regard to your specific operational requirements

Slip Safety

Each year over a million accidents caused by falls on slippy floors occur in Germany alone, that is why ROMEX® has devoted themselves to this topic. ROMEX® has extensively researched the currently valid norms, as well as carrying out testing separately with our own line of research and the different methods of testing practical applicability. We can offer you a full-service concept and high-quality systems that meet all requirements for a non-slip industrial coating.

Assessment of testing methods

In Germany, the test used to determine slip resistance is always the construction sample test according to BGR 181, corresponding to DIN 51 130 „Test of floor coverings – determining the nonslip property – workrooms and work areas with increased risk of slipping – walking method – slanted level”.

The test method according to DIN 51 130 serves as a suitability test to determine and to classify the nonslip quality industrial floor coatings.

The main problem of this testing method lies in the fact that the predefined value of R 10 to R 13 (oblique plane) can not be measured practically on the finished floor. Since all floor coverings on the object have to be tested for slip safety, we recommend, as well as leading experts, accompanying test measures during and after execution by means of sliding friction meters. However, the results are only allowed to a limited extent by the employers' liability insurance association.

Due to the lack of comparability of friction coefficients with R classes, we have determined our own measured values. With these measured values, we can determine values for the classes R 10 to R 13, which provide a practicable test of slip safety as an orientation for processors and users.