With proper care, our system remains functionally and permanently visually appealing

Cleaning of floor coatings

So that the surface of a floor remains functional and visually appealing for years, care is essential. Therefore, the instructions for cleaning and maintaining a floor coating should be observed. According to VOB / B and DIN 18365, the operating company is obliged to provide the customer with valid cleaning and maintenance instructions for the installed floor with the order confirmation.

As a manufacturer of floor coatings, we know our own products best and would therefore like to reassure our customers regarding the care of our floors.

The following aspects should be observed:

  • sufficiently large dirt trap zones in the entrance area to reduce the amount of dirt being brought in
  • sand and sharp edged dirt will have a grinding and abrasive action on the coated surface
  • soiling will lead to increased abrasion and can cause discoloration
  • highly concentrated acids and lyes as well as some solvents can attack or damage the surface of the floor coating
  • use of suitable cleaning and care products. These should be tested before first use in an inconspicous area

Basic cleaning

The initial care gives the coating surface a protective film which is characterized by special properties such as certified slip resistance, special gloss levels or hygienic requirements. In addition, this initial care film protects the ROMEX® floor coating, reduces dirt adherence and makes regular cleaning easier.

The choice and application of the care agent requires extensive knowledge or application engineering advice.

It is absolutely necessary to observe the manufacturer's instructions regarding the basic cleaning agent. In addition, test cleaning in a non-visible area is recommended.

Initial care

Die Erstpflege, auch Einpflege genannt, verleiht der Beschichtungsoberfläche einen Pflegefilm, der sich durch besondere Eigenschaften, wie z.B. zertifizierte Rutschhemmung, besondere Glanzgrade oder hygienische Anforderungen auszeichnet. Zudem schützt dieser, durch die Einpflege erzeugte Film, die ROMEX Bodenbeschichtung, verringert die Schmutzanhaftung und erleichtert die regelmäßig durchzuführende Reinigung.

Die Auswahl und Anwendung des Einpflegemittels erfordert umfangreiche Kenntnisse oder eine anwendungstechnische Beratung.

Initial care cleaning can be dispensed with in case of flooring in wet areas.

Regular cleaning

Depending on the type of dirt and floor usage, recommended cleaning intervals range from daily to weekly. The removal of loose dust and dirt is carried out by wiping with a dampened mop. Any dirt sticking to the surface should be removed by mechanical or manual wet cleaning.

Special requirements such as disinfecting cleaning require special cleaning agents. If the floor has already been treated with care agent, then the cleaning agent to be used should be compatible with the existing care agent, ie. if possible be from the same manufacturer.

Some care agents also require periodic cleaning or polishing, in addition to regular cleaning.

Special cases when cleaning

Stubborn stains and rubber marks can be removed with special stain remover. The same requirements apply as for regular cleaning. After the stain removal, wipe the surface with clean water. In general, stains should be removed as quickly as possible as certain types of stain such as, for example, iodine-containing disinfectants, get absorbed into the surface and can then only be removed with difficulty or not without leaving residue.

Our conductive systems ROMPOX® 1102 EA coating and ROMPOX® 1107 ESD can be cleaned as described above, but care should be taken to leave no standing water on the surface or use any cleaning or care products that are waxy or film-forming, as this could impair conductivity. These two coating systems must also not be covered with non-diffusion mats or sheets. We recommend special ESD cleaners, eg from Kolb Cleaning Technology GmbH.