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Mūsų kompanijos istorija

  • Rinkos plėtra
    Produktion von Bodenbeschichtungen

    Tarp 1970 ir 1980 vyko audringa epoksidinės gumos ir poliuretano produktų raida, vien Vokietijoje tuo užsiėmė daugiau nei 300 tiltų paviršių ir industrinių grindų dangų gamintojų. Itin svarų vaidmenį produktų plėtroje suvaidino Rolf Meurer, kompanijos ROMEX® įkūrėjas, būdamas šių produktų plėtros ir pardavimų vadovu.

  • Grindinio siūlių rišiklio plėtra

    Pirmųjų sintetinių gumų pagrindų sukurtų siūlių rišiklių plėtra buvo sėkmingai vykdoma kompanijos įkūrėjo Rolf Meurer, bei vėliau vykdančiojo direktoriaus Klaus Lobsensky dėka.

  • ROMEX® GmbH Rheinbach įkūrta, siekiant vystyti grindų dangų ir vandeniui atsparių tiltų paviršių dangų plėtrą, ypač Rytų Europojemainly in Eastern Europe.
  • Nauja kompanija

    Kompanijos ROMEX® AG in Euskirchen-Weidesheim

    pagrindinio ofiso įsigyjimas
    Historischer Bauernhof welcher gekauft und kernsaniert wurde
    Umbaumaßnahmen am Bauernhof in Weidesheim
    Neue Romex Firmenzentrale in außergewöhnlichem Ambiente
  • Pirmieji grindinio siūlių rišiklių produktai

    Rinkai pristatomi itin sėkmingi produktai. The ROMPOX® - DRAIN ir ROMPOX® - D1 siūlių rišikliai tapo pirmaisiais siūlių rišikliais kompanijos istorijoje ir ligi šiol išlieka populiariausiais rinkoje.

  • Naujos sintetinių dervų sistemos rinkoje
    Spritztechnik für Brückenabdichtung

    Introduction of PU injection technology for steel bridges (orthotrope slab) and concrete bridges as well as injection technology and industrial coating systems for the automotive and food industry, decontaminable coatings for nuclear power plants, sports coatings and coatings for stadium stands. Development of coatings for air cushion transport systems, electrostatically conductive coatings (ESD) in light colors. Decorative coatings. Sales of paving joint mortar developed rapidly during this time. Thanks to its own production facility, ROMEX® PFM GmbH is now one of the market leaders.

  • ROMEX® starts its own production
    Produktion von Bodenbeschichtungen
    Produktion von Pflasterfugenmörtel

    From dealer to manufacturer. ROMEX® bought a production site in Meckenheim and started manufacturing its own products. Including the ready to use and pre-mixed 1-component paving joint mortar ROMPOX® - EASY, which became a sales hit.

  • R&D presents new paving joint mortar

    Introduction of ROMPOX® - D2000 joint mortar for the public sector. Under the slogan "The modern paving joint mortar", this system developed into a product for the construction and renovation of paved stone surfaces in public areas.

  • ROMEX® introduces a quality management system and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
  • ROMEX® grows and opens up new locations

    Due to sustained success and constant growth, the available capacities are no longer sufficient. The ROMEX® production site is expanded and extended by a logistics center. Growth, particularly for the market for paving joint mortars, causes the need for an expansion of the sales team. ROMEX® buys a farm in Euskirchen. This will be converted into a representative distribution center with a sample garden and training rooms.

  • ROMEX® PFM GmbH is the first supplier of paving joint mortars to offer a 5-year system guarantee
  • Innovation in the field of road construction

    ROMEX® introduces the innovative slip safety system for large format slabs and pavers under the brand name ISATec®. With this new technology, thrust and shear forces can be absorbed within inner city areas subjected to heavy loads, such as city squares, pedestrian zones or other representative design areas, in order to prevent damage to the superstructure.

  • ROMEX® celebrates its 25 year company birthday
    25 Jahre ROMEX Beschichtungen und Pflasterfugenmörtel

    Coworkers are the company’s most important capital

    Rolf Meurer, Chairman
  • Award for the ISATec® slip safety system

    The Federal Association of GaLaBau (BGL) has awarded ROMEX® PFM GmbH with the innovation medal 2014 for the ISATec® slip protection system for large format slabs, first introduced in 2013. Bert Meurer, Managing Director of ROMEX® PFM GmbH, who received the award in Nuremberg at the 21st GaLaBau trade fair (17-20 September), said: "I am delighted that our development is so highly appreciated."

    Das Romex Team präsentiert sich stolz mit Innovationspreis für Verschiebesicherung
    Auszeichnung für die Verschiebesicherung
    Medallienübergabe für Verschiebesicherung auf dem Romex Messestand
  • New image film
  • The floor covering and paving joint mortar sectors, divided into two companies, are spatially combined. The ROMEX® MB GmbH has officially launched from 01.05. its headquarters at the location of ROMEX® PFM GmbH in Von-Bassenheim-Str. 2 in 53881 Euskichen.